The Board and Senior Advisors

The Board

David Murrin, Chairman

David holds a BSc 2:1 Honours degree in Physics with Geophysics from Exeter University.

Since starting his career in Papua New Guinea in the oil exploration business, David has spent the past 25 years in financial markets. In 1986 he joined JP Morgan where he traded foreign exchange, bonds, equities and commodities and then in 1991 founded and managed JP Morgan’s European Markets Analysis Group. Since then David has been involved in starting and building businesses in a wide variety of sectors.

In 1993 David founded his first company Apollo Asset Management and then in 1997 co-founded Emergent Asset Management where, as its CIO, he oversaw trading across all its fund products as well as being particularly active in the private equity business and the oil and gas sector. In 2008 he co-founded The African agricultural company Emvest and acted as its Chairman until its sale in 2011. Since then David has co-founded both Spartent Global Solutions and Emergent Capital Partners, a corporate advisory company.

Post 9/11, recognising that the world had changed in an instant, David combined his interests in military history, geopolitics and finance into a unified geopolitical model. This culminated in 2011 with the publishing of “Breaking the Code of History” which highlights the key processes in human social structures which impact today’s changing world. David speaks widely on themes from his book and applies the key principals and predictions to all aspects of his work. He is Global Fellow of PS21, the project for the study of the 21st Century.