Risk Intelligence

Discreetly and legally obtained human source intelligence along with public source information is collated, assessed and disseminated to decision makers. Thus we provide these individuals with current and actionable intelligence which is actively updated and reassessed as circumstances dictate.

Risk Advisory

Threats to companies or investments are assessed against their commercial and political profile, operating structure, local counterparties and other relevant factors, and a risk assessment is produced. The effectiveness of existing risk mitigation measures can then be assessed and modified in order to protect people and assets and ensure that the impact of any business disruption will be minimised.

Risk Mitigation

To ensure that the requirements of the risk assessment are being properly addressed, we establish that appropriate internal and external resources are utilised, and verify that desired protective measures, contingency and business continuity plans are fully implemented. Where required, we will deploy seasoned consultants to select, train and manage local assets providing security, logistical and other support to clients.

Our Competitive Advantage


We are compliant with established international law including the UK’s Bribery and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Acts, adherence to which is at the very core of our culture. We work to internationally recognized standards and, where needed, have staff trained by relevant accreditation bodies. Our flexible structure allows us to assign appropriately experienced multi-disciplined teams to address client risks in compliance with local laws and international regulations.


Our entire business focus is to provide independent resilience advice and solutions, not to support a parent company or preferred brand. Our professional approach places the highest priority on integrity, discretion and trust. We are a founding member of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers.  We have operated in many difficult and opaque environments while keeping ourselves and our clients in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


The extensive commercial experience of our principals allows us to focus on improving operational resilience while also facilitating business objectives. Our wide international experience means that we understand the difficulties of operating overseas and in many cases have had prior exposure to client issues.


We maintain offices in London, Bogota and Hong Kong. Our principals have personally operated in over 60 countries in all five continents and have managed businesses in over 70 countries, and are thoroughly familiar with overseas markets and the professional knowledge required to mitigate risk and operate effectively in them. We are also familiar with the business disciplines needed for businesses to invest and operate internationally whilst meeting regulatory, cultural and ethical requirements.