Spartent assists companies and investors to make informed decisions and build operational resilience in unfamiliar or difficult markets where their people, assets or reputations may be at risk.

The Problem

Companies and investors have never faced a more complex, fast-changing business environment where poorly or partially understood risks can disrupt operations unexpectedly, leading to negative impacts on staff, financial condition and corporate reputation.

To be successful, investors and managers have to understand and manage these complexities in addition to attending to strategy, capital allocation, operations, marketing and other traditional corporate functions. These pressures are only going to increase as globalisation continues.

The search for new opportunities has led to investment in remote, opaque and risky markets where differing social, legal and ethical norms may apply and where unexpected events can disrupt business.

Unrelenting cost pressures have given rise to outsourcing, offshoring and extended supply chains where companies now rely on multiple counterparties both to deliver operationally and to conform to social and ethical accountabilities.

The increasing value of designs, formulas, knowhow and other intangible assets has led to a substantial part of the value of many enterprises residing on computer networks with all the inherent cyber vulnerabilities.

Regulatory enforcement, shareholder activism, scrutiny by non- government organisations and intrusive social and traditional media coverage have raised the stakes should any failure take place.

Our Solution

To identify and manage these vulnerabilities, Spartent recommends that investors and companies build resilience into their strategic planning and operational management. We see this as a three stage process with the objective being to understand, interpret and mitigate operating risk. For this to be fully effective it is critical that these disciplines are fully embedded within internal planning and operational processes.

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